May 24, 2012

Living on a Ranch 'Set'

When living on a 'set' it important to keep your set authentic. Human nature brings the desire to change the set, but if you make any changes it is necessary to keep within the theme and to add only objects that will enhance the reality of said set – therefore, not spoiling the overall effect of permanence and existing reality. Continuity is key ... When walking onto the set it is natural to feel a bit out of time even though you sense you are living in real time or perhaps somewhere between reality and a previously scripted version of. Notice objects around you in order to get into your role, but do not become too attached to such objects as they ultimately belong to the prop department. It is wise to also be careful when cleaning these objects, as to not destroy their weathered look – a process that took much time. Be careful not to disrupt the elements by adding too much of yourself – remember, you are just part of the story – a visitor of sorts moving through a sequence of scenes from a long running drama. If you add or subtract too much and disrupt the essence, you will push the story off kilter and a total script rewrite will become necessary. The key is authenticity and that takes discipline. Your impact must be subtle, visually. When you are ready to step out of your role completely, and only then, can you leave the set and move into your next character.