July 12, 2012

Jack Brunsch March 17, 1952 - July 9, 2012

It is with regret and great sadness that I note the sudden passing of good neighbor and lifetime area rancher Jack Brunsch of Norris, South Dakota. My deepest sympathies go out to his children, mother, siblings, family and friends.
(photo on the Brunsch Ranch on shipping day 2006)

I went to Jack's wake last night and was able to visit with many people. It seems different out here at a wake - of course it is tragic and sad - but people seem more resilient out here - maybe it is the lifestyle and enduring many things - but there was just an a good attitude and positive visiting - along with the expected sadness - close friends telling stories and laughing. I think also it is the ranching way of life - you spend so much time on a ranch and you know your friends are close by but you don't see each other that often and a get together for a funeral seems to have all of these added socializing aspects to it. There is a real strength behind it all. Again, my thoughts go out to the family and Jack's kids and all of the changes they will be dealing with - but he raised two good strong kids that can most likely handle it and carry on with all the ranching and cowboy knowledge Jack taught them. And they are surrounded by family and so many neighbors who knew their Dad his entire life.