February 5, 2013

The Ayer Sisters

The Ayer sisters at the world famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale spring of 2003. Standing out amongst a sea of male bronc riders and carrying on the tradition of women rough stock riders of the past competing for the win as stock contractors bid on the horses they are bucking out. This was the first spring I had moved to the South Dakota and the second time I had been to the historical bucking horse sale (est 1914). It is quite an event to see - even though I hear the old days were much wilder. As I walked behind the chutes to photograph,  I was surrounded by dozens of saddle bronc riders sitting on the ground on the their saddles limbering up for the all rough stock rodeo. It was inspiring to watch the Ayers sisters calmly and confidently make their way through the crowd to the chutes, get their saddles and halters on their assigned horses and step over into the saddle for their ride. Strong focused ranch women in their element - the real deal.