June 30, 2011

Diana Elwood

Diana has been ranching most of her life. She and her husband Chris are the cowboying couple who manage both the old Double X and 7 Cross ranches just down the road (now Rapid Creek Ranches). Diana is the kind of cowboy that can handle what ever needs to be done: riding miles of pasture, working cattle, roping, calving, and also doing double duty cooking dinner for the crew. Don’t mistake her small stature - she is chocked full of heart, integrity and courage. ©JEAN LAUGHTON

June 29, 2011

Pony's Debut - In Full Costume

Pony's Debut - In Full Costume from Jean Laughton on Vimeo.

June 28, 2011

Interior, South Dakota Rodeo Now & Then

In the 1920's the Interior Rodeo was one of the largest in the world. I love to think of Leonard Stroud riding his paint trick riding pony just down the road from my house or Kittie Canutt siting comfortably astride a bucking bronc.
Left: My Photo July 2010 Right: Doubleday, back in the day

June 26, 2011

Baxter & Paul Posing for Me

Neighboring cowboys Baxter Badure & Paul Scherf sit for a portrait on the Badure Ranch.


June 24, 2011

Living Amongst the Cowboys from the Past

This ranch was once the Thode Ranch and home of the TL cattle company. Earl Thode, one of 12 Thode Children, grew up cowboying, breaking horses and riding broncs down here. He went on to be the first cowboy to earn the title of World Champion All-Around Cowboy in 1929 as well as World Champion Saddle Bronc '27,'28',29',31. He entered his first rodeo in 1920 - down the road in White River and won all around and was on his way. My Pony and I cross his path daily and mingle with thoughts and memories of cowboys from the past. ©JEAN LAUGHTON 
(photograph by the fabulous Ralph R. Doubleday)

June 23, 2011

Lyle Bringing the Horses In

June 22, 2011

The Ranch in 1938

This photograph shows the cowboys from the nearby Tom Berry ranch trailing 500 head of steers up a draw through what is now Lyle O'Bryan's ranch. They are taking the steers to Belvidere to load them on the train to go to market. I ride up this draw every day during calving season and every time I ride to the north pasture. The land remains the same but the cast of characters changes.(photographer unknown - from 1938 Belvidere State Bank calendar) ©JEAN LAUGHTON

My Ranching Life - A Cinematic View From the Saddle

Images from MY RANCHING LIFE  Traveling Exhibition which consists of large scale B&W prints from 36" to 72" wide - exhibited in frames made from reclaimed wood - see my website for details & exhibition photographs :  http://www.jeanlaughton.com

Henry : Then and Now

Henry's transition from child actor to handsome leading man ...
(photo credits: L:Lyle O'Bryan -R: Roxy Fox)

On A Movie Set of a Ranch

"Movie Still" from 'Gathering cattle on the Old Double X Ranch' back in 2004 or '05 ... Acting Credit: Paul Scherf .... no stunt doubles ... ©JEAN LAUGHTON

Bringing Cattle in on the Old Double X Ranch

Bringing Cattle in for Branding at the Pines Corral on the old Double X Ranch on a cinemascope kind of a day with a cast of many cowboys ... Circa 2005

Double X Crew - Circa 1962

Vintage Cast of Characters :Crew with Chuckwagon on the Old Double X (Berry) Ranch just down the road ...
Left to Right: Burrell Phipps, Baxter Berry, Charlie Larson, Ray Hunter, Lyle O'Bryan & Art Thode ... everyone in the photo has passed on to the 'big ranch in the sky' except for Lyle who continues his role as cowboy extraordinaire and his friend Ray Hunter ...

Baxter Badure - True American Original

Baxter Badure : Next door neighbor, good friend, good neighbor, hard working cowboy / rancher, saddle maker, artist, leather carver, antique gun collector, beaded gauntlet glove collector, vintage saddle collector and Custer enthusiast. The first time I worked cattle with the neighbors, Baxter came riding up over the hill and it was like a scene out of Custer's last stand (of course with a better ending!)... flowing long coat, studded chaps, full on cowboy gear with style, gun in holster .... and I thought, YES! I will always have someone to photograph who will be in full 'costume' for every ride ... ©JEAN LAUGHTON

Early Photography From Horseback w/ Noblex

An early view 'from the saddle' - unscripted - back when I was getting the hang of the Noblex and riding my trusty photo pony, Beau ... (circa 2005)