March 25, 2012

The Varying Script of this Ranching Serial

 My Calving Sidekick Cody and Me In Between Takes ...

I feel like I should be riding in a blizzard, out pulling chilled calves in on a sled behind my horse or stressing - like the flashback scenes from last year's calving drama (roll dramatic perilous music). The movie script material and the ongoing narrative in my head may be of a less 'edge of your seat drama' style this year, but I am okay without a repeat performance and am experiencing the versatility of character traits this role brings. It is somewhat mellow (so far) as I sit inside, for a moment, on my lunch break. Sitting in what feels like a three walled silent movie set of a one hundred plus year old ranch house on a vintage couch, with horse heads embossed on it, looking out the window over history laden pastures to a herd of black cows gathered atop a golden ridge munching hay. Of course there could still be a massive April blizzard - or as my old time ranching partner calls it, a real cow killer. Hopefully the script won't call for that particular scene. For now, with my costume of woolies and winter coat hanging as backup off stage, I will get into my role of enjoying the ongoing exterior shots of 70 degree days riding pasture with Cody and Henry - knowing that new born calves are not freezing to death in the night. Every day is like a script rewrite - with new scenarios to act out - all the while remembering to be totally unaware of the camera as I dive deeper into character. Most days enjoying the movie scene like reality while others wishing the reality were just a movie scene where I could yell 'cut!', call in a stunt double and retire to my trailer until the next scheduled shot. But the budget on this production doesn't allow for stunt doubles or stand ins - and my pony is kind of particular who he works with.
© Jean Laughton

March 20, 2012

And So, Calving Season 2012 Begins ...

March 2, 2012

Cow Calling George Jones Duet ...

Caking Cows - March 2, 2012 - Quarter Circle XL Ranch