October 15, 2013


Riding Alongside My Ranching Partner toward the Back of Porcupine
DAILY DIARY "Gathered big beautiful muddy Porcupine pasture on the Badure ranch with a crew of ten cowboys ... Rode toward the back on my Paint and looked across expansive beautiful yucca covered rolling river breaks and badlands buttes ... Way Across the draw my ranching partner looked right out of a western painting riding high along a ridge silhouetted against a just daylight sky ... Other riders way off atop ridges behind lines of multi colored cattle ... We all converged after a mile or so and held the herd up while the heifers and steers were worked off ... At one point I rode up on a hill top to hold the cut and looked back down upon the scene I had just been in to see the herd flanked by cowboys while two of them head and heeled a big calf and stretched him out while another cowboy doctored him ... Cowboys in woolie and studded leather chaps along with beautiful golden fall leaves and grasses made it feel like a gorgeous set and as if I were watching a movie that I get to take part in ... Nice being a part of a crew that works cattle the old cowboy way ..."

My Ranching Partner Across the Draw on the next Ridge

Henry, Me & 2 Pair
Cowboy on a far off Ridge Gathering Pasture

Baxter Badure Working Charolais Heifers and Steers Off
The Last of the Herd After the Cut
Joe, Baxter and Wade Doctor a Calf in the Herd

October 8, 2013


I had a wonderful time taking my ranching partner up to record an interview in the fabulous STORY CORPS  Airstream. While 40 minutes can barely scratch the surface of a long cowboy life it was a great experience. Thank you to the StoryCorps team and of course to Lyle O'Bryan & his trusty harmonica.