December 15, 2012

Crossing My Own Path

"Me on Pony photographing Lyle O'Bryan on Foxy on the White River on the Quarter Circle XL Ranch on or around the year of 2005" ... I crossed paths with this photograph and the former me today while watering a small herd of cattle on the river at a hole we chopped in the ice. I sat on my horse taking in the same view of golden river breaks in the quiet stillness of just the cows on the ice and snow. When I let my thoughts drift, it is like a flip book of experiences and images from the past several years of ranching passing through my brain. Working with older friends is some days like a accelerated time lapse photography sequence that I so want to slow down - but some days it is as if time stands still or reverses to watch a 78 year old cowboy in action - still on his game and sitting tall in the saddle. Funny how the same horse I ride can look so much better when a real horseman like Lyle rides him. Doing my best to stay in the now and document it all but can't help but daydream about all the adventure I have been lucky to be a part of along the way. ©JEAN LAUGHTON