November 7, 2013

Stepping out of the Photograph, Momentarily - But Staying in Character Always

I jumped off my Pony and hopped down out of the photograph onto the Great Plains 'set' for a photograph in front of MY RANCHING LIFE BILLBOARD. Transitioning from the Black and White version of my life to the full on color version. 

My ranching partner getting a closer look at MY RANCHING LIFE BILLBOARD as we reminisced about the scene depicted in the photograph when we were working with the crew gathering cattle on the Brunsch Ranch. Reality meets reality.

Ala Gil Sheperd in "Purple Rose of Cairo" MY RANCHING LIFE Ranching Partner emerges from within the photograph transitioning from the Black and White version of himself riding on the point of the herd to the present tense full color version of himself ... Except, no acting involved - full on real deal through and through ... Both characters are one in the same ... (Lyle O'Bryan & MY RANCHING LIFE BILLBOARD September 29, 2013) ...