February 18, 2012

Calving Season Started a Little Early

 Calving is scheduled to start early to mid March but I noticed Baby did not come to eat when I called the cattle in (she stands out even among a couple hundred cows). So I went in search and found her down at the dam with signs that she was trying to calve or had calved. I figured she either had a calf in her backwards or had 'slunk' it. We had to trail her in and luckily got her and another cow loaded in the trailer instead of trailing them 5 miles home. After an inspection, of which I will not go into detail, we surmised she either had a calf, which was no where in sight, it seemed, or aborted it. Ended up finding a very early calf she had lost a ways from where she had been lying - at least we didn't have to take her into the vet and have a c section. I was hoping for a white faced miniature version of Baby. Guess that isn't very 'cowboy' but ...  Hope to do my best to take care of the animals while they are here on the ranch but realize I can't control everything that happens. More calving stories to come 'As the Prairie Turns' ... ©JEAN LAUGHTON