February 4, 2012

Wrangling Horses on the Quarter Circle XL

This was back in 2005 or so, in the early stages of working on the ranch, when I had just started to photograph from horseback with my Noblex. Following along here as we wrangled horses one morning -  bringing them across the White River and into the corrals - then pulling two out to saddle up and get to work.

Wrangling can be a great way to start the day - just you and the horses. One time I was riding behind a small herd and looked up to see five bald eagles flying overhead. And another time, a single hawk perched above, watching as we trotted by. There is nothing like the sound of your horse and the others making their way through the tall grasses and across the river crossings.

Pictured here is Lyle O'Bryan wrangling off in the distance. He says the best way he would break a young colt is to get them started then start wrangling on them the next morning and just let them fall in and run behind the horses ... It is quite beautiful to watch. I can't imagine how many mornings and how many different horses he as wrangled and colts he has ridden in his 77 years ... and still going strong. Me, I prefer to stay out of a dead run and enjoy the view along the way. (Those old time cowboys are a lot tougher than me). ©JEAN LAUGHTON