February 24, 2013

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Cody : Best Actor in a Supporting Role - literally and figuratively. We have spent many many hours together and rode hundreds of miles - a true sidekick and saddle pal. We will be joining up again for a sequel performance this Spring for calving. I would like to thank Cody for his calmness and evenness - being able to withstand any situation we got in and helping me to keep my cool - roping, blizzards, crazy winds, crossing rivers, running after cows, thunderstorms, nighttime rides, swooping eagles, grouse jumping up out of the grass, crossing bridges, photography horse and more. To start telling all of those tales now would be the beginning of a long script read through. We did survive a couple stunt accidents together but I know they were just missteps on his part - nothing malicious. Here he is, looking as handsome as ever, 'backstage' in the wardrobe department - getting ready to step out onto the prairie stage for another day of ranching adventure. ©JEAN LAUGHTON