February 28, 2013

Photographs From Out West

I came across a several photographs from the 1990's into early 2000's. Mostly from my GO WEST and other road trips. It is just a small random selection from the piles of negatives - some I really love, some so so - but all a part of the story of how I got to where I am. I can still remember each set up and where I was and at which point of my photography adventure I was on. They aren't perfectly edited or scanned and not all from the same series. Obviously I am not some National Geographic photographer - just me as an artist using photography to take notes along the way. Some are 4x5, some Polaroid, some Rolleiflex, some plastic camera stuff  - but I like how the randomness of the order paints a clear picture for me and brings back a lot of memories. Makes me long to wander again. The locations look like LeMars, Iowa / Cheyenne, Wyoming / Burwell, Nebraska / Pine Ridge, South Dakota / Monument Valley / Ponca City, Oklahoma / Cody, Wyoming / somewhere in Texas / Harden, Montana / North Platte, Nebraska / Pinedale, Wyoming / Ft. Worth, Texas / White Sulphur Springs, Montana / Crow Agency, Montana / Minden, Nebraska / Ft Pierre, South Dakota / Cowtown, New Jersey / Interior, South Dakota / Parmelee, South Dakota - with the timeline ending with my landing here on this ranch back when this current chapter started. My pre-ranching era when I let photography lead me where it may. I think I miss being on the road. There is nothing like the lasting quality of doing something that you really enjoy - just for the pure joy of doing it and creating - going with a feeling. The effects of which linger for a lifetime to inspire and ground you with the confidence of knowing you did it. While wandering, I sure did meet many great people along the way. I am not sure what it will all end up as - but it just is and the photographs are just what they are. I happened to take a pit stop on the ranch for an alternative adventure ... for now. ©JEAN LAUGHTON